BTS, EXO, & NCT Lead March 2020 Brand Rankings Among K-Pop Boy Groups

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Congratulations to BTS, EXO, and NCT for being hailed as the top three male idol groups this March!

The Korean Research Institute has recently revealed the brand reputation rankings among K-Pop boy bands for the month of March. The organization crowned BTS, EXO, and NCT as the leading idol groups.

bts exo nct brand rankings

The rankings are based on consumer participation, media, communication, and community indices. In particular, the institute gathered and analyzed a huge amount of data among numerous male groups from February 12 to March 13.

Impressive domination of BTS

Leading the brand rankings for 22 straight months now is none other than world-famous K-Pop boy band BTS. Among the total number of 49,614,836 brand reputation index, the septet was able to acquire 12,903,195.

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Some of the high-ranking phrases from the group’s keyword analysis included their domination on “Billboard”, their record-breaking “album”, and latest masterpiece “ON”. The positive words such as “cheer on”, “donate”, and “thankful” are also present as the band’s highest-ranking related terms.

The Power of EXO

Securing the second place is South Korea’s representative boy group EXO. The boys were able to maintain their ranking after scoring a brand reputation index of 3,096,492 for March.


Amazing Rise of NCT

Climbing up the list is another well-loved K-Pop group – NCT. The rising boy band obtained a brand reputation index of 2,540,480 this March thanks to the striking 36.14 percent increase in their score since last month.


Rounding up our top five list are SHINee and SEVENTEEN. SHINee placed fourth with a brand reputation index of 2,106,932 while SEVENTEEN grabbed the fifth spot with a score of 1,986,031.

Here are the other K-Pop boy bands who entered the Top 30 this March:


#7 Super Junior


#9 The Boyz

#10 VIXX



#13 Golden Child


#15 MCND


#17 NU’EST

#18 SF9

#19 BTOB



#22 TXT

#23 TVXQ

#24 BNF


#26 AB6IX

#27 GOT7

#28 Block B

#29 Stray Kids

#30 B.A.P

Source: The Korean Business Research Institute

Photo Credits: Big Hit Entertainment | SM Entertainment