BTS’ J-Hope Makes Heartwarming Donation To Celebrate Children’s Day

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The generosity of J-hope makes him a thousand times admirable!

BTS’ J-Hope has once again shown his heart of gold with his recent donation.

Celebrating Children’s day, a National holiday in Korea, the multi-talented idol donated 100 million won to children victims of violence in Africa.

Earlier today, the Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation, a representative agency for child advocacy, shared the heartwarming news.

The donation will be used to support the One Stop Center, which was established by the organization to support child violence prevention projects in Tanzania. It systematically processes violence victims’ damage reporting, treatment, legal and counseling support, and evidence collection in one place.

Previous donations

Back in 2018, J-Hope became the 146th member of the Foundation’s “Green Noble Club”. It acknowledges the major donors who give over 100 million won.

Last year, he donated 100 million won to children in crisis families who are struggling due to the pandemic. Additionally, he donated 150 million won to celebrate their birthday in February. As of now, he has already donated a total of 700 million won or approximately $624,600.

J-Hope said, “Many people worldwide are suffering from COVID-19. I came to support children overseas following the support of domestic children in hopes that the warmth of sharing could reach them in the other parts of the world.”

Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation Chairman Lee Jae Hoon expressed his gratitude to the idol. “With the continued support of BTS J-Hope, interest in supporting children who are suffering from economic difficulties is rising. We will do our best in all directions for the children,” he said.

Source: News1