BTS’ J-Hope, Jimin, & V Exude Sophistication In Their “Butter” Concept Clips

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The last set of concept clips looks equally captivating!

BTS continues to hype up fans for their much-anticipated comeback with the digital single “Butter” later this month.

Completing the concept clips, the worldwide phenomenal boy group dropped the last batch featuring J-Hope, Jimin, and V on May 5 at midnight KST.

The videos, similar to the first two sets, utilize the technique of connecting a projector and a camcorder to shoot, maximizing the action and scene of the members as multiple images appear, and at the same time creating a dreamy atmosphere.


The main character of candy was J-Hope. Emphasizing his own charm and personality, he moved freely toward the camera and created a cheerful atmosphere.


Jimin’s object is a drink. In the video, he waved his arm and performed light dance moves while drinking a drink, he naturally soaked into the space.


V, who appeared while eating jelly, showed excitement dancing under colorfully shining lights. Showing his free-spirited charm, he moves flexibly and smiles at the camera.

After releasing all the concept clips from May 4 to 6, BTS will then unveil the first batch of teaser photos from May 10 to 14. They will also reveal the second batch of teaser photos on May 17 . To hype up fans further, the group will likewise give a sneak peek at the official music video of their upcoming track on May 19.

“Butter” will be released on May 21 at 1 PM KST.

Source: MK Sports

Photo Credits: BIGHIT MUSIC