BTS’ Jimin Continues To Show Love To Busan Students With Another Generous Donation

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BTS’ Jimin is truly an angel sent from above!

Despite having a jam-packed schedule, Jimin of worldwide K-Pop boy group BTS still devotes time to share his blessings with others.

Photo from Naver x Dispatch

Continuously showing love to his beloved hometown, the singer has gifted students in Busan another large donation.

A Generous Gift

On May 7, the Busan Metropolitan Office of Education has announced that the idol donated 100 million won (~85,000 USD). They also revealed that Jimin’s father, Park Hyunsoo, personally visited the office yesterday afternoon to give the donation to Busan’s Superintendent of Education Kim Seok Joon.

According to the City Office of Education, they are planning to use the generous amount of money to support students from low income families in 16 schools in Busan.

Photo From Naver

In addition, the office staff shared the singer’s admirable engagements by saying, “Jimin continues to actively donate, through actions such as funding the cost of middle school uniforms for 10 graduating students. And also giving BTS signed CDs to all 60 students on the final graduation day of his alma-mater Hoedong primary school.”

Before coming to Seoul to pursue his dream as an idol, Jimin had spent almost his entire childhood in Busan. Particularly, he graduated in Hoedong Primary School, Yoonsan Middle School, and Busan High School of Arts.

Last month, Jimin also gave back to his homeland by contributing 100 million won to the same office.

His fellow BTS members likewise constantly helped other communities. J-Hope made a thoughtful donation to his alma mater, Kukje High School in Gwangju with 100 million won, while Suga donated the same generous amount to help children diagnosed with cancer and leukemia at the Korea Pediatric Cancer Foundation.

Ongoing World Tour

Currently, the K-Pop septet is busy preparing for their ongoing BTS World Tour ‘Love Yourself: Speak Yourself.’

After their successful two-day party at Rose Bowl Stadium, the boys are set to grace the Soldier field’s stage in Chicago on May 11. A week later, they will meet fans on May 18 at the Metlife Stadium, New Jersey. Moreover, the idol group will also be heading to Europe in June.