‘The Third Guy From The Left’ BTS’s Jin: “I Guess I‘m Worldwide Handsome”

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Why is Jin called ‘the third guy from the left’?

On May 21, BTS shocked the world by edging out global celebrities to bag home the Top Social Artist award at Billboard Music Awards 2017.

Subsequently, the boys’ achievement has become the most talked about topic on social media. The photo of the award’s winner, which is released by Billboard, has since been spreading all over.

A Twitter user named Laura was reported to have retweeted Billboard’s post of BTS, with the caption: “But not gonna lie, they’re cute, specially the third guy from the left.”

Since then, “The Third Guy From The Left” appearing in the photo has suddenly attracted much attention from international fans.


He is none other than BTS’s Jin.


On May 29, the group held a press conference at Lotte Hotel Seoul, Korea. At the event, Jin shared his honest thoughts about the new nickname that fans have used to call him recently.

He said: “At first I didn’t really know about it but people kept asking me about it during interviews. My honest feeling was … I guess people outside Korea have similar standards for good-looking men as Koreans.”

The heartthrob expressed his humor by saying: “I guess I‘m worldwide handsome.”

He added: “To tell the truth…it’s really embarrassing to say this stuff. But it makes me feel good about myself so…”

In 2015, a photo, capturing the moment when Jin got out of the car while on the way to Melon Music Awards, also went viral.

The heartthrob attracted public’s attention by his stunning visuals. Since then, he has earned a cute nickname called ‘Car Door Guy’.


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