BTS’ Jungkook Accidentally Causes Fabric Softener To Sell Out And Immediately Regrets Right After

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BTS’ Jungkook had a recent “oh no!” moment after sharing which specific fabric softener he uses.

What started as a fun sharing on fan cafe for BTS’ Jungkook turned out to be something he may or may not have regretted a little afterward.

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The BTS’ maknae chatted with ARMYs through the group’s official fan cafe on January 20, when the topic of doing laundry got brought up. The idol innocently mentioned he currently enjoys using the fabric softener Downy Adorable which he uses on his clothes – without knowing what would unfold after.

Jungkook’s casual mention of the product had caused a slight commotion afterward, as it seemed like the fans who wanted to use the same product as their idol went to look for the specific fabric softener he mentioned.

The key phrase “Downy Adorable” immediately trended on local real-time search engines and ended up causing the product to sell out temporarily both online and offline.

The next day, Jungkook set out on Twitter to share the slight dilemma he faced – which he might or might not have brought upon himself.

“ARMY, I’ve almost used up all of my fabric softener, so I need to buy some more but it’s sold out,” he tweeted playfully.

The seemingly random incident’s impact shouldn’t be underestimated though, because it was even covered as a news topic in a recent episode of SBS CNBC, a cable TV channel specializing in news about the economy.

Additionally, Downy Korea stated on January 22 the quantity for two months of sales was sold-out only in one day after Jungkook said he used the product. The brand also apologized for some cancellations of orders because it could not handle the sudden huge demand for the product.

Of course, ARMYs had a lot of hilarious takes on Jungkook’s little problem – including how he might have felt when he found out his favorite fabric softener had run out of stocks in stores.

We can definitely sense a tinge of regret in here, Jungkook!

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At least they’ve got a new way to identify ARMYs now though!

… And at least more ARMYs can smell just as good as Jungkook!

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Many also believe that Downy should get the BTS member as an official endorser, creating their own Downy ads with the idol on it to push the idea.

For some reason, we all kind of want to see this Jungkook x Downy collaboration come true too though!

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