BTS Drops “Map Of The Soul: Persona” Comeback Trailer Featuring RM’s Fiery And Inspiring Rap

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BTS finally begins the countdown for their comeback with a powerful track from RM!

BTS continues with another inspiring song as their comeback with the album Map of the Soul: Persona edges nearer.

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The group made 12am KST eventful yet again as they finally drop the first teaser for their upcoming April 12 comeback. Featuring leader RM, the comeback trailer putting the conclusion to the Love Yourself series was released on March 28 midnight.

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ARMYs knew things were gonna be good the very moment “Let’s go, ya check it” appeared on screen in street graphics, followed by RM dropping the beat with one powerful “yo”.

The graphics were also the same as the ones which appeared in the 2014 comeback trailer for “Skool Luv Affair”, showing the full circle that the new album will take based on the group’s previous releases.

Throughout the song, the rapper answers the question he has had all his life – “who am I?” – with all honesty. He also drops a few drags on how other people try to answer that question for him, and how mistaken they are.

“Where’s your soul? Where’s your dream? Do you think you’re alive?” are also questions which he posts, not only to himself but also to everyone listening.

“Maybe I have been deceiving, maybe I’ve been lying, but I’m not embarrassed anymore. This is the map of my soul,” he rapped, listing all of his personas including – “the ‘me’ that I want myself to be, the ‘me’ that people want me to be, the ‘me’ that you love, and the ‘me’ that I create. The ‘me’ that’s smiling, the ‘me’ that’s sometimes in tears, vividly breathing each second and every moment even now”.

In fact, staying true to the theme of “persona”, the music video showed various sides of RM. He was shown as a powerful rapper spitting fiery bars with his hoodie up, wearing a fancy kimono with mirrors surrounding him, dressed in a blazer and tie looking like a president, among others.

Its elements also showed a progression of revealing the persona itself, especially with the video starting off in a neat and perfect classroom, which eventually turned into RM’s colorful rap lair. It also showed still, statue-like “people” beginning to dance to the song’s beat.

Watch the comeback trailer “Persona” for Map of the Soul: Persona here:

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