BTS’ RM Donates 100 Million Won To The National Museum Of Contemporary Art On His Birthday

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BTS’ fierce leader has just celebrated his birthday in the most unique way possible, and it involves art and 100 million Won.

It’s no secret that RM has a strong penchant for fine arts, but he has now taken his love for art to a whole new level by making a generous donation towards MMCA.

Promoting Reading Culture

According to the museum’s director, Yoon Bum-Mo, the BTS member made the contribution on his birthday “with the intention to spread the culture of reading beautiful art books”. To make the feat even more special, RM made the pledge on September 12, which marked his 26th birthday.

The donation will support the production of rare books that need to be reissued and will be distributed to 400 public libraries all across South Korea. It is expected that 4,000 books will be manufactured and allotted to libraries by October this year.

A Museum Maven

RM’s exceptional leadership skills, impressive intelligence, and rapping prowess are on constant display, but it has also been apparent that he is quite the art connoisseur too. Often taking to social media to post about the museums and art exhibits he visits in his free time, it’s clear that this superstar is adept in many facets. ARMY can attest that this artist is someone who enjoys immersing himself in the magic of art.

RM’s love for art makes him a vessel for creativity that could effectively spark inspiration for the youth to draw insight and wisdom from books, paintings, and all other forms of art. By taking the plunge into art, you are guaranteed to breathe in creativity and breathe out innovations of your own.

A big happy birth month to this phenomenal leader!

Source: m.spotvnews.co.kr

Image Source: Big Hit Entertainment

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