BTS’ RM Teases Upcoming Solo Album

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Mark your calendars! RM’s solo album drops on December 2nd.

On November 10 at midnight KST, BIGHIT MUSIC officially announced the date for BTS’ RM’s long-awaited solo album on BIGHIT’s official SNS accounts.

Earlier this month BIGHIT MUSIC confirmed RM was the third BTS member gearing up for an official solo release this year. Fans and peers know that RM isn’t new to producing music solo.

His previous releases include songs with U.S. musicians Wale, Warren G, Lil Nas X, Fall Out Boy, and Pharell, as well as collaborated with South Korean artists Younha, Balming Tiger, and Gaeko. RM also dropped two mixtapes, the self-titled RM mixtape in 2015 and Mono in 2018.

Solo artistry aside, RM is the main contributor to BTS’ discography, being a core producer, songwriter, and composer for the group.

RM’s upcoming solo album, titled INDIGO, will be released on December 2 at 2pm KST.