Global Superstars BTS Joins Spotify In New Episode Of “For The Record” Podcast Series

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Delving into detail about the band, the brand, and the ARMY; BTS has recently talked with Spotify about the massive success of “Dynamite” and everything in between.

BTS has been setting records and taking the music industry by storm for quite some time now. From “Boy With Luv” all the way to “On” and “Black Swan”, the seven-strong always succeeded to produce one hit after the other. Now, it’s time to shine the spotlight on their very first collective English single, “Dynamite”.

BTS x Dynamite

For the Record

Proving once again that they are true kings of the music industry, BTS’ latest track has set a phenomenal record on Spotify with 12.5 million streams within a mere 24 hours. In celebration of this monumental milestone, Spotify invited the Korean superstars to their podcast series called For The Record. The series is geared towards providing fresh insights into the world of music, podcasting, and tech. It aims to bring together voices from within the company and industry experts to explore the facets of cultural events, listening trends, and the technology that has built Spotify’s empire.

The Band, The Brand, and The ARMY

In the newest episode of For The Record, Jin, V, Jungkook, Jimin, RM, Suga, and J-Hope traverse their insights on the spectacular success of “Dynamite” and what it means to them during these global trying times. The septet also provides a closer look at what goes on behind the scenes and how they go about their brilliant creative process. And last but certainly not least, they share their appreciation for ARMY and muse about how they would like to impact future generations.

In order to provide a more in-depth perspective on BTS’ exceptional journey to this point, Spotify also had the opportunity to chat with TIME Magazine Editor and K-Pop aficionado, Kat Moon, who discussed BTS overcoming their underdog status and breaking barriers worldwide.

Finally, BTS would not be complete without their ARMY. Spotify speaks to superfans from all over the planet; from Taiwan all the way to the UK. The music streaming mogul even had the chance to chat with Gracie Ranan, who is responsible for ARMY anthems. The superfan shared her thoughts on BTS’ global effect and the family that the fandom has turned into.

Spotify For The Record

A Closer Look Behind the Scenes

“Dynamite” is a song that can lift you up with its energetic retro beat and optimistic lyrics. Moreover, it’s got dance moves that will make you get off your seat and groove in true vintage style. Let’s take a look at what the boys have to say about their magical music and songwriting process.

Sharing more on the success of “Dynamite” within the episode, Suga says, “I think it appeals to and it’s easy to listen to and it’s easy to enjoy for anybody, anyone of any generation, anyone. And especially with the COVID-19 situation, we wanted to write a song that has bright, uplifting lyrics. And we’re really glad that people have come to enjoy this song, and get some energy from this song.”

RM also shares insight into their music making process, It’s very, various, sometimes we start with melodies. Sometimes we start with some just a word or a theme. But basically, when there’s an album, there’s some kind of like a theme or a keyword that comes, that goes through the whole album. And if we succeed to, like, make a decision for the keyword, then everybody gathers and we guess the tracks and melodies and lyrics or whatever. So it’s like making a puzzle when we try to make an album.”

J-Hope continued, “The music making process is difficult, they sort of think of it as in birthing pains. So it takes a lot of focus and a lot of attention, a lot of time because they put in so much; when we have a good result and when we see the result, we feel really proud and we get a real sense of accomplishment.”

Finally, V weighed in on the best part of their job, “I think the best part is “ARMY”. They’re the reason we perform. And it’s their energy and their support that allows us to keep going. So they, our ARMY, our fans, are really the best part of this job.”

BTS X Spotify

To date, BTS has raked in more than 11.4 billion streams on Spotify with “Dynamite” being added to over 3.5 million playlists. It’s no wonder that they were crowned as the first K-Pop artists to debut at the number 1 spot on the Spotify Global Top 50 Chart.

While “Dynamite” is currently basking in the sun of its major success, older hits, including “Fake Love”, “DNA”, and “Boy With Luv” (featuring Halsey) are also solid tracks that are still hailed as three of BTS’ most-streamed songs on Spotify,

BTS are Boys with Luv Who Light It Up Like Dynamite

BTS’s success on Spotify and multiple other platforms are another set of attestations to their tremendous growth and ever-evolving success in their musical journey. Bangtan Sonyeondan is showcasing that they are truly unstoppable and are already on the road to world domination.

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