BTS Takes ARMY By Surprise With “Film Out” Teaser

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We bet your ARMY alarms just rang, because BTS is gearing up for their comeback with “Film Out” on April 2 at 12 AM KST!

BTS uploaded a short teaser for their newest song and music video, “Film Out”, and simply put, the fandom was not ready for it.

BTS Film Out

Image From Big Hit Entertainment

Foreshadowing Mystery

BTS always succeeds in drawing their audience’s attention with mysterious clues, true talent, theatrical extravagance, and powerful lyrics. With the release of the “Film Out” teaser, we are once again immersed in an enigma that will only be unraveled during their official comeback. (Technically, it never felt like they were away, since they were always present during awards shows, variety show appearances, Run BTS!, and performances.)
As this is their official comeback with a new song, ARMY’s excitement is truly palpable, and knowing the sleuthing skills of this dedicated fandom, they’ll have at least eight theories about the music video circulating the internet by daybreak.
Within 30 seconds, the teaser was able to depict Jungkook in a dimly lit room with furniture covered in white sheets. The clouds outside the serene space were clearly visible, adding a sense of ethereal magic to the scene.
The next frame showed V with an intense look on his face while he wandered some sort of golden abyss, clearly in search of something or someone.
The spotlight shined on Suga next, who was sitting on a platform in the desert encroached by blue sky and billowy clouds. Soon after, we see the camera pan over to RM who appears to be in a pensive mood in the middle of a living room.
A split-second later, and the desert finds J-Hope sitting on the platform as the wind blows the focus onto an hourglass that Jin seems to be watching. The worried look on his face makes us wonder what kind of event is about to take place and how Bangtan Sonyeondan will face it.
Next up, we see Jimin leaning against a pillar, also seemingly troubled by something unclear to the viewers. The profound (and slightly confusing) teaser was capped off with Jin hurriedly running towards the camera (or towards us. It really depends on how you look at it.)

Film Out, BTS In

“Film Out” is a Japanese OST composed by Jungkook, which will be released on April 2nd, at 12 AM KST. With yet another comeback on the rise, the Asian superstars showcase that the film may be out, but BTS is always in.

Source: YouTube Big Hit Entertainment