BTS Unveils More Teasers For “MAP OF THE SOUL : 7” Comeback

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BTS is set to return on February 21 with their fourth full album – ‘Map of the Soul: 7

The chart-topping K-Pop group are in full swing for their comeback preparations. Additional exciting news was announced on Weverse and fans are looking forward on BTS’ latest music endeavor. Aside from that, splendid teasers are hyping up their expected return.

As indicated by the four-phase plan, BTS dropped a comeback trailer, “Interlude: Shadow” featuring SUGA on January 10. It formally signaled the journey of the much-awaited second Map of the Soul collection. The Carl Jung-inspired trailer is a bass-heavy emotional rap about the downfalls that comes with success. It signifies that in the presence of light, there will be darkness of shadow too.

Prior to the group’s comeback, on the night of January 17, they pre-released a single from the new album. “Black Swan” was unveiled along with an art film performed by Slovenian dance troupe MN Dance Company. It became available on streaming sites at home and abroad.

On February 3, BTS dropped the second comeback trailer with “Outro: Ego,”. It features J-Hope’s independent melody and the outro track of the band’s fourth full collection which was released on BTS’ official SNS accounts.

Unlike the previous trailer, the outro has much brighter undertones. The trailer’s energetic style is present throughout the video that intensifies the groove of the African beats. The lyrics too are more optimistic compared to the previous trailer as it talks about accepting and trusting oneself.

Fans were delighted with enchanting and overflowing visuals as BTS dropped their first set of concept photos. On February 10, they released an aesthetic group photo along with individual teaser photos with all the members wearing full-white attire and making the photo more dramatic with feathers falling.

The following day February 11, the group gracefully switched from an all-white image to a dark concept pictures. Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V and Jungkook were garbed in all-black suits. Evoking intense gazes and striking aura, they appeared as black angels in group and individual photos.


Raising the anticipation level, BTS shortly released another set of concept photos on February 12. Looking sharp and dashing in various suits and ties, the members sophisticated looks made ARMYs’ excitement level even more higher.


Finally, BTS released the last batch of their concept photos. Showcasing cute images with animated concept. Beaming brightly in the group photo, the individual images reflected distinct charms of the members.


Source: BigHit Entertainment & BTS Twitter pages

Image Credit: BigHit Entertainment