BTS And ARMY Named As Top Global Sustainable Future Leader And Group By Korean Association Supporting UN’s SDGs

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BTS is not just shaping the music scene – they are also shaping the world together with ARMY!

BTS has been named as the world’s most sustainable future leader by the Korean Association for Supporting the SDGs for the United Nations!

unicef thanks bts army $1 million anti-malnutrition campaign

Photo from UNICEF

The boy group has received a very heartwarming commendation from the association centering on pushing the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, or SDGs.

With an aim of “empowering people and ensuring inclusiveness and equality”, the association recognized the efforts and implementations of the SDGs by corporations and policy leaders.

This agenda, which the UN aims to achieve by 2030, hopes to further expand the discussion about ending poverty, fighting inequalities, promoting peace, justice, and strong institutions, and tackling climate change, among others.

Following BTS on the list as the most excellent sustainable future leaders are notable names like Malala Yousafzai (UN Messenger of Peace and youngest Nobel Prize laureate) and Alaa Murabit (medical doctor, social activist).

The boy group’s active participation in UNICEF and its Generation Unlimited movement are among the factors which connect them to UN’s SDGs and brought them to be named in the “The 100 Top Global Sustainability Leaders 2019” list.

Additionally, BTS’ fandom ARMY was also named as the top sustainable global group.

Both BTS and ARMY had been known for making generous donations to non-profit organizations especially for special events concerning the group like anniversaries and birthdays. Besides this, they have also actively participated in projects like tree-planting which set a good example to others.

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It also recognized other top leaders in their own fields and causes, like Bill Gates as top corporate leader and US senator Alexandra Akasio Cortez as the top policy leader.

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio, who has been known for his active efforts as an environmentalist, was also selected as the top social and environmental leader.