BTS’ V Is The Ultimate Asian Heartthrob + Complete List Of Starmometer’s 100 Asian Heartthrobs Of 2020

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BTS’ V wins the title of Asian Heartthrob for the third consecutive year

Indeed the most attractive boy, BTS member V has been winning various titles left and right. In the most recent addition to his achievements, V was ranked first in Starmometer’s 100 Asian Heartthrobs of 2020.

Asian Heartthrobs 2020

The entertainment media, Starmometer conducted a poll where netizens voted for 100 attractive Asian celebrities. The poll began from January 1 onwards and lasted for a duration of more than three months.

Asian Heartthrobs 2020

Marking its 14th year, the 100 Asian Heartthrobs poll is conducted every year to select the top 100 attractive men from Asia.

A total of 18,730,855 votes were collected this year, and V who received 7,180,481 votes, was ranked first. V also won the title in 2018 and 2019 making this his third consecutive year of winning the title. Due to this achievement, the singer was inducted in Starmometer’s Hall of Fame.

V’s enchanting yet mysterious appearance harmonizes well with the beauty standards of both the East and the West, thus attracting both domestic and global fans.

The top four spots are occupied by the BTS members with Jungkook, Jin and Jimin ranking second, third and fourth respectively. Jungkook was ranked second in 2019’s list as well.

Asian Heartthrobs 2020

Complete List of Asian Heartthrobs For 2020

Following is the list of 100 Asian Heartthrobs in order of their ranks and in parenthesis is the movement of their ranks in comparison to 2019’s list.

  1. Kim Taehyung, SOUTH KOREA (=)
  2. Jungkook, SOUTH KOREA (=)
  3. Kim Seokjin, SOUTH KOREA (+2)
  4. Park Jimin, SOUTH KOREA (+24)
  5. Porsche, THAILAND (new)
  6. Alden Richards, PHILIPPINES (+24)
  7. Jaehyun, SOUTH KOREA (new)
  8. Xiao Zhan, CHINA (new)
  9. Ten Thailand, THAILAND (new)
  10. Wang Yibo, CHINA (new)
  11. BamBam, THAILAND (-3)
  12. Taeyong, SOUTH KOREA (+28)
  13. Wen Junhui, CHINA (+76)
  14. Rowoon, SOUTH KOREA (new)
  15. Bailey May, PHILIPPINES (+57)
  16. Cha EunWoo, SOUTH KOREA (+5)
  17. Kim Mingyu, SOUTH KOREA (+18)
  18. Nadech Kugimiya, THAILAND (-8)
  19. Mark Lee, SOUTH KOREA/CANADA (new)
  20. Jackson Wang, HONG KONG (re-entry)
  21. Kim Myungsoo, SOUTH KOREA (+34)
  22. Peck Palit, THAILAND (-19)
  23. Park Jinyoung, SOUTH KOREA (+35)
  24. Justin de Dios, PHILIPPINES (new)
  25. Lai Guanlin, TAIWAN (new)
  26. Joshua Hong, SOUTH KOREA (new)
  27. DK, SOUTH KOREA (new)
  28. Edward Barber, PHILIPPINES (+18)
  29. Kang Daniel, SOUTH KOREA (new)
  30. Mark Tuan, TAIWAN/USA (-8)
  31. Ong Seong-Wu, SOUTH KOREA (+47)
  32. Joshua Garcia, PHILIPPINES (+35)
  33. Lin Yi, CHINA (new)
  34. Third Lapat, THAILAND (new)
  35. Song Weilong, CHINA (-2)
  36. Josh Cullen Santos, PHILIPPINES (new)
  37. Hueningkai, SOUTH KOREA/USA (new)
  38. Lucas Wong, HONG KONG (+28)
  39. Kim Yohan, SOUTH KOREA (new)
  40. Ken Suson, PHILIPPINES (new)
  41. Vernon Chwe, SOUTH KOREA/USA (+49)
  42. Yeonjun, SOUTH KOREA (new)
  43. Wonwoo, SOUTH KOREA (+54)
  44. Sejun, PHILIPPINES (new)
  45. Mavin, INDONESIA (new)
  46. Stell Ajero, PHILIPPINES (new)
  47. Joshuel Bautista, PHILIPPINES (new)
  48. Tao, THAILAND (new)
  49. Krystian Wang, CHINA (new)
  50. Roy Nguyen, VIETNAM (new)
  51. Beomgyu, SOUTH KOREA (new)
  52. Daniel Padilla, PHILIPPINES (-29)
  53. Kai, SOUTH KOREA (-24)
  54. Darren Wang, TAIWAN (+37)
  55. Jang Dong-Yoon, SOUTH KOREA (new)
  56. Dylan Wang, CHINA (-41)
  57. Taehyun, SOUTH KOREA (new)
  58. Nam Joo-Hyuk, SOUTH KOREA (-33)
  59. Baekhyun, SOUTH KOREA (new)
  60. Suradet Piniwat, THAILAND (-56)
  61. Yeo Jin-Goo, SOUTH KOREA (new)
  62. James Reid, PHILIPPINES (-28)
  63. RM, SOUTH KOREA (new)
  64. Blink, THAILAND (new)
  65. Chanyeol, SOUTH KOREA (new)
  66. Yamazaki Kento, JAPAN (+9)
  67. Song Kang, SOUTH KOREA (new)
  68. Winwin, CHINA (new)
  69. Younghoon, SOUTH KOREA (new)
  70. J-Hope, SOUTH KOREA (new)
  71. Soobin, SOUTH KOREA (new)
  72. Lawrence Wong, SINGAPORE (new)
  73. Hendery, MACAU (new)
  74. Sid Arora, INDIA (new)
  75. Park Bo Gum, SOUTH KOREA (-31)
  76. Hu Yitian, CHINA (-39)
  77. Taishi Nakagawa, JAPAN (-23)
  78. Ji Soo, SOUTH KOREA (-14)
  79. Seo Kang Joon, SOUTH KOREA (-10)
  80. Kris Wu, CHINA (-38)
  81. Takanori Iwata, JAPAN (re-entry)
  82. Enrique Gil, PHILIPPINES (-43)
  83. Nonkul, THAILAND (-21)
  84. Yang Yang, CHINA (-57)
  85. Jefri Nichol, INDONESIA (-9)
  86. Dimash Kudaibergen, KAZAKHSTAN (-80)
  87. Hyun Jin, SOUTH KOREA (new)
  88. Ryusei Yokohama, JAPAN (new)
  89. Krist Perawat, THAILAND (-24)
  90. Suga, SOUTH KOREA (new)
  91. Qian Kun, CHINA (new)
  92. Mark Prin, THAILAND (new)
  93. Wang Runze, CHINA (new)
  94. Kentaro Sakaguchi, JAPAN (-58)
  95. Hou Ming Hao, CHINA (new)
  96. James Jirayu, THAILAND (-77)
  97. Hyunjae, SOUTH KOREA (new)
  98. Dylan Xiong, TAIWAN (-30)
  99. Deng Lun, CHINA (new)
  100. Riyaz Aly, INDIA (new)

Source: Xsports News, Starmometer

Image Credits: Starmometer

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