BTS’ V and Jimin Graduate With Honors From Global Cyber University

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Students spend blood, sweat, and tears to get through school and graduate with flying colors. The same applies to BTS’ members, V and Jimin who recently graduated from Global Cyber University.

March kicked off with a victorious educational cap-off for the recent graduates of Global Cyber University. Bangtan Boys, V and Jimin, were also part of this fresh batch of graduates that celebrated their new milestones.

Making the Most of 2020

It’s no secret that 2020 was a year of trying times. No one was safe from the effects of the pandemic. In line with this, we all had a responsibility to ourselves to adapt and continue living and evolving. (Because you know, Life Goes On.)

With the plug being pulled on their Map of the Soul world tour, BTS also found ways to keep themselves busy and develop in different ways. This includes their enrollment in college. In September 2020, V and Jimin signed up for a course at Global Cyber University.

The President’s Award

The singers are now officially bachelor’s degree holders in Entertainment and Media, and even graduated with a prestigious award.

While the duo may not have been able to attend the graduation ceremony a few days ago, their adviser, Professor Cheon Beom Joo, was gracious enough to accept the President’s Awards on their behalf.

BTS V and Jimin

Image From Global Cyber University

The President’s Award is an accolade presented to students who have personified the school’s vision and mission through their craft. It reads:

“As a model citizen who has taken the lead in practicing the university’s founding philosophy of nurturing global humanitarian individuals, this person has exerted a positive influence through sensitivity and communication, going beyond K-pop, and has conveyed the value of symbiosis, a value that the global world needs. This award is given in the hopes that this individual will contribute even more greatly to the world and the human society.”

Congrats, V and Jimin! We purple you guys!

Source: Global Cyber University

Image Source: Dispatch and Global Cyber University