BTS Members V, Jungkook & Jin Lead Starmometer’s List Of Asian Heartthrobs For 2019

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39 of your favourite male Korean celebrities made it to Starmometer’s list of Top 100 Asian Heartthrobs for 2019!

Starmometer has named some male Korean celebrities, who proved their visual game to be as strong as ever in their list of Top 100 Asian Heartthrobs for 2019.

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Korean celebrities have dominated the annual list with their utterly undeniable good looks as a total of 39 favourite actors and idols ranked significantly this year.

Ranks 100 to 50

One of the first faces to show up on the list, which revealed the top Asian heartthrobs in reversed order, is SEVENTEEN’s Jeon Wonwoo at the 97th place. He is then followed by the well-loved W: Two Worlds, While You Were Sleeping and Romance is a Bonus Book actor Lee Jong Suk at number 94.

Wonwoo’s fellow SEVENTEEN members Vernon and Jun also makes it to the list, ranking alongside each other at 90 and 89, respectively. Meanwhile, going for the 83rd place is actor Kim Soo Hyun, whom fans love from The Producers and My Love From the Star.

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Former Wanna One member Ong Seong Wu, who is currently gearing up for his acting debut, is his former group’s only representative in the list at number 78. Meanwhile, the first EXO member shows up at the 70th place on the list with Lay, who is followed by favourite robot-human Seo Kang Joon at the 69th place.

NCT’s Lucas takes the 66th spot as one of his group’s two members to make it on the list. Actors Ji Soo and Yang Se Jong place consecutively at the 64th and 63rd spots.

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Former EXO member Lu Han also appears on the list at number 60, while GOT7’s Jinyoung touches everyone with his charms as an idol-actor at the 58th place. Another idol-actor makes it to the list as INFINITE’s L is placed at number 55 and stays true to his visual position in his group.

EXO’s Sehun and SHINee’s Minho make SM Entertainment proud by ranking alongside each other at 52 and 51. Despite being in the military, actor Lee Min Ho takes over the 50th spot.

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Ranks 49 to 15

Choi Siwon makes ELFs extremely proud as he solely represents Super Junior at number 47. Meanwhile, three of the most charming actors in the land of Korean dramas rank consecutively from 45 to 43, with world famous captain Song Joong Ki, the nation’s boyfriend Park Bo Gum, and revenge-seeking Yoo Seung Ho.

Another former EXO member, Kris Wu, appears on the list at number 42, while the second NCT member makes his appearance at number 40; with leader Taeyong owning the spot.

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After getting noonas to buy him food, Jung Hae In claims the 38th spot all on his own with charms that no one can resist. Meanwhile, another SEVENTEEN member lands a spot on the list as the playful rapper Mingyu takes over the 35th spot.

EXO goes on a double take-over as D.O. and Kai rank at number 31 and 29, respectively. Following them on the list is the BTS vocalist and dancer Jimin, who ranks at number 28 and has gone viral several times, thanks to his amazingly good looks.

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The triple-threat princes of K-Drama land land spots consecutive to each other as Park Seo Joon ranks at number 26, Nam Joo Hyuk ranks at 25, and Park Hyung Sik ranks at number 24.

GOT7 shoots up with another member on the list as their rapper Mark claims the 22nd spot. He is followed by ASTRO’s visual and face genius Cha Eun Woo, who has amazed not just regular people but also his fellow idols with his beauty, at number 21.

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Ranks 14 to 1

Seo In Guk proves his killer charms as he places at number 12 on the list, while Ji Chang Wook ranks at number 9 despite absence from the television screen due to his military service.

GOT7’s BamBam becomes his group’s highest-ranking member on the list as he places at number eight. It goes without a doubt though, because the self-proclaimed “treasure of Thailand” has proven several times just how well-loved he is by fans all around the world.

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Dominating the list’s top five is the unparalleled and globally-influential group BTS as they claim three spots with three members. The first to go is Mr. Worldwide Handsome Kim Seokjin, who takes over the number five spot with his perfect visuals – and maybe even his amazingly broad shoulders too!

Photo from Starmometer

His fellow vocalist and the group’s maknae Jungkook claims the number two spot, who has indeed made fans’ hearts race several times; not just with his handsome face but also his captivating voice and amazing dance skills.

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Finally, emerging as this year’s Top Asian Heartthrob on his second year is BTS’ V – and we couldn’t agree more. Just search up the keyphrase “ethereal beauty” on Google and find him as the top result if you need proof.

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Watch Starmometer’s video compilation of the Top 100 Asian Heartthrobs of 2019 below:

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