BTS’ V Haunts Fans In Comeback Trailer For “Love Yourself: Tear”

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BTS’ V intoxicates in the music video of “Singularity”, BTS’ comeback trailer for upcoming album – Love Yourself: Tear!

If you think BTS’ V is not a masterpiece, the mysterious and dreamy music video will surely  change your mind as the BTS member captivates with his husky vocals, elaborate choreography, and stunning visuals.

The track showcases Kim Taehyung, better known as V, with his deep and soulful voice, complemented by the video’s brooding aesthetics and contemporary interpretative dance-inspired choreography.

bts v singularity love yourself tear comeback trailer music video

Screengrab from BTS

The comeback trailer sets off a darker tone compared to the group’s previous releases, which buzzes fans as the Love Yourself: Tear album is said to revolve around the pains of the boys who face separation as the central concept.

The K-pop group will be introducing dreamlike charms with darker emotions in the new album, straying away from the previous albums Love Yourself: Wonder and Love Yourself: Her’s focus on the fluttering feeling of love.

The song lyrics features multiple literary references and vivid imagery, which the music video reflects through its sensual and complex concept.

The music video also makes use of multiple symbolizations, which includes the use of masks to symbolize pretense. The BTS ARMY have also been speculating about the meaning of the smeraldo flower which Taehyung had been holding in the music video.

The “Singularity” music video ends with Taehyung wearing a mask with a single, black tear dripping down from one eye.

bts v singularity love yourself tear trailer music video

Screengrab from BTS

The smooth R&B track was written by BTS leader Rap Monster right after he got out of the hospital which has earned praises from fans not just for his creative genius but also for his dedication. He is joined by U.K. producer Charlie J. Perry in bringing the song to life, and dancer Keone Madrid was also in charge of the music video’s flawless choreography.

The music video has already garnered 10 million views on Youtube in a little over 15 hours, making it the third fastest BTS music video to surpass the 10 million count. It places behind the group’s previous tracks “DNA” and “Mic Drop (Remix)”.

“Singularity” had been gaining domestic and international attention since its release, with celebrities like Park Seo Joon showing support through an Instagram post of a clip from the music video.

The hashtag #Singularity also trended on Twitter, taking the top spot, and ranked number one in portal site search queries right after its release.

bts v singularity love yourself tear comeback trailer music video

Screengrab from BTS

“Singularity” serves as the comeback trailer and intro song for the group’s upcoming album Love Yourself: Tear. The album, which is BTS’ third full-length release, will drop on May 18, two days before they are set to step foot in the 2018 Billboard Music Awards stage as performers.

BTS is known for releasing intros which feature one of their members for their upcoming albums. Before V’s “Singularity” for Love Yourself: Tear, member Jimin brought “Serendipity” to life for Love Yourself: Her while Jungkook took on Love Yourself: Wonder‘s theme video “Euphoria”.

Watch the music video for “Singularity” here:


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