Mobile Game “BTS World” Welcomes Fans Into A Fun, Interactive Journey Through Pre-Registration Launch

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Get ready to venture into the world of BTS through this new game from Netmarble!

In preparation for its official launch date, the new interactive game collaboration between BTS and Netmarble kicked off, with a pre-registration to tease fans with a sneak showcase of what they will have in store!

Photo from Netmarble

Titled BTS World, the collaboration is a story-based mobile simulation game, which brings fans together with the members of BTS on an interactive journey.

BTS World was developed with the players in mind from the very beginning,” the chief global officer of Netmarble, Lee Seungwon, stated.

“Not only do they get to experience something entirely different, but they’re also getting access to a tremendous amount of new and exciting content we created with BTS specifically for the game,” he added.

True enough, the game boasts of numerous exclusive content, including 10,000 brand new photos and 100 video clips.

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Pre-registration for BTS World was opened to fans on May 9, bringing the first look into the interactive game before its full launch. Users who pre-register get to view an introduction of the game together with a story from BTS.

A special sneak peek of the game’s mobile function, which allows players to interact virtually with RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook titled “From BTS”, was also opened for the players to explore and have fun with.

Additionally, users will be able to play through a mini-game, which pairs them with the group member they match best as a manager as determined by a short series of questions.

BTS World will be released worldwide for iOS and Android devices soon. Watch out for its full launch date and view teasers from the game for the meantime through its official Twitter account.