Busker Busker’s Bradley Moore to host English radio show

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K-indie band Busker Busker does more than music when American drummer Bradley Moore goes on to host a radio show.

An all-English radio channel, TBS eFM, announced this week that Bradley will host radio program ‘Moonlit Tracks’ at slot from 3am to 5am for six days every week from Tuesday onward.

TBS eFM is available in Seoul and cities such as Busan and Gwanju. The show highlights include international pop songs and soundtracks.

Busker Busker was formed as a trio in 2011 after Bradley, an English lecturer at Sangmyung University, met two students, Jang Beom Jun and Kim Hyung Tae. Through the Superstar K3 audition show, the band’s popularity rose and became a national sensation when they released their first album last year, titled Busker Busker 1st Album.

Even after a year, Busker Busker’s hit song Cherry Blossom Ending emerged back on charts recently to welcome the 2013 spring.




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