C-Clown selected K-pop stars by Australia’s SBS POP ASIA in interview

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Recently, Australia SBS (Special Broadcastng Station) ‘POP ASIA’  chose C-Clown as a featured K-pop star, and the production team went to Korea for a interview with the group.

In the interview, leader Rome introduced C-Clown’s debut trackSolo, its teaser video, and performance in fluent English. He also talked about future activities. Rome added that he started his dream because of his love for dancing, and that this dream is now achieved in Korea. He also said that he has led the other five members through minor issues as well as problems before debut; he showed confidence that everyone was very hardworking and vowed to become a top group.

When asked about possibly visiting Australia, he replied with the following: “I hope to visit Australia soon with a confidence that we are spreading K-pop to the world, and show Australian fans a fine performance. I will repay the fans’ love with skill.”

A staff member within Australia SBS’s production team commented: “Recently the Hallyu wave has been gaining steam not only in Asia, but also in Europe and even countries in the Southern Hemisphere. Australia is seeing especially strong attention and concentration for K-pop artistes.” The staff added, “We have big expectations for C-Clown. We came to Korea for the interview because C-Clown was so popular that fans asked one to be aired on the show. C-Clown’s leader, Rome, is from Australia, so he has been a hot topic among Australian fans.”

The interview will be aired on SBS POP ASIA on September 2 at 8:30, Australian Eastern Standard time.

Source: (News & Photo) – tvreport, CClown_intl, byu4life

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