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hellokpop previously reported on C-Clown’s exclusive interview and photoshoot with MTV K. This time around, Sina has released their exclusive interview with the talented new group to talk about the making of their debut mini album, Not Alone, and their future plans. Along with the video interview, Sina also unveiled a hot set of photos of the boys.

Check out the interview, translations and photos below!

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Q: Say hi to the viewers of Sina!

C-Clown: Viewers of Sina, hello! We are C-Clown!
Kangjun: Hello, everyone. I am the main vocalist of C-Clown, Kangjun.
Rome: I am C-Clown’s rapper and leader, Rome.
T.K: I am C-Clown’s rapper, T.K.
Siwoo: I am C-Clown’s vocalist, Siwoo.
Ray: I am C-Clown’s vocalist, Ray.
Maru: I am C-Clown’s vocalist and youngest member, Maru.

Q: Please explain your group name, C-CLOWN.
T.K: C-CLOWN is the abbreviation of CROWN CLOWN. Crown has the meaning of King, Clown is joker. With that said, we are now only clowns, but do hope to become the best singers. That is our aspiration.

Q: Please introduce the album, Not Alone, and title track, Solo.
Rome: This is C-Clown’s first album, Not Alone. It has the meaning ” not one person”. The album contains 6 tracks, we are using the title track Solo, to promote.

T.K: The title song Solo is a song about a boy who sings in a sad mood after a break up. It does not sound too exciting or complicated. It’s very catchy and the popular melody is the song’s main characteristic. Therefore, if you have heard it two or three times, you should be able to sing along.

Q: What was interesting in the process of preparing this album ?
Ray: Interesting? Mainly, it was tiring. I remember the first time we went to record Solo with Rado PD. We did not prepare well. He told us to go back and prepare ourselves again. It was very saddening. We were given one weeks time and we tried our best to rehearse Solo during that one week.Rado PD told us, ”that would be good if you guys sang like that at the first time”, he complimented us. Later we recorded, In the Car and Destiny. We only used 2 hours to record Destiny. Rado PD was very touched to know we did the recording in only 2 hours, he treated us to steak and pizza.

Rome: It was delicious, Thank you


Ray: This was a unforgettable memory during pre-debut.

Q. In the preparation in recording, where did you guys put in the most effort?

T.K: We want to be distinguishable when compared to other singers. We removed the electro sound and tried our best to sing with the familiar melodies. There is a line ” now im solo” we think the public is familiar with, so we put in our best efforts to sing that part.

Q. How is the feeling of shooting mv?

Kangjun: MV shooting was very hard, so tiring and we often fell asleep in the car. There was a time the director suddenly woke me up and said it was my turn, I quickly got up and directly went to the shoot. That was the scene where I had to cross the bars. I ran with my mind blurry. A jumping action needed to be done to finish the shooting. I just woke up and heard ‘ACTION’. I jumped acrossed the bars. I checked the MV filming, it was me jumping with my sleepy hair.

Rome: That scene is also particularly prominent, it was Kang Jun’s tidbits, we laughed after looking at it.

Q. Recently, there are many groups comes out with unique choreography, can you brief us about the choreography of C-Clown?

Ray: When the line “now I’m solo” starts, there is a ‘take-out-the-ring’ move. The ring dance is the highlight. Rome, please show everyone.

Q. Who is the role model of the group? Why do you guys want to become such group?

Ray: Our role model is Shinhwa, because they have gone through 14 years without any contradictions/obstacles. We hope to learn from them, they are our role model.

Q. What is the greatest charm of C-Clown?

Ray: All our members are very kind. We are always concerned about others, we also have team spirit. Our individual charm and personality is very distinct, so the fans will see us as an interesting group. Hope they will continue supporting us.

Q. Have any members visited China? What do you think of China when it is mentioned?

T.K: I visited China last year, My Chinese friends said dumpling was very tasty! So I went to a dumpling restaurant to eat! It was really tasty. My appetite was not really big, but I remember I ate a portion big enough for 5 people.

Kangjun: I visited China once with my family when I was young. I went to the Imperial Palace, it was really big! I have never seen such big place, have you been there?

Rome: No.

Kangjun: I went to the Great Wall too. It was extraordinarily long.

Ray: No end in sight right?

Kangjun: It was my first time to see such a long way.

Q. Do you guys have any plan to promote in China?

T.K: We are always ready to have the opportunity to go to China. If the company let us go, we will always want to go.

Rome: Please take us!

T.K: We are always ready.

Q. As artistes, what do you guys want to achieve?

Kangjun: Our goal for Korean activities is to top all the charts. Hope to get 1st in all the music charts. We hope to become that kind of C-Clown.

Ray: We, C-CLOWN, just debuted not a long time, but being able to show our great performances successfully to everyone, to leave them a good impression is our goal.

Q. Future plans?

T.K: Now, through Solo, we hope to show the cool side of ourselves. We hope to make many more different albums to show more different sides.

Q. Please have a few words to the viewers of Sina

Ray: Sina’s viewers, Hello! We, C-Clown just debuted, we will work very hard from now on. We hope everyone will likes us. We will never forget the original purpose, and hope that everyone can cheer on us.

Rome: Yes , I hope you like our “Solo”.

C-CLOWN: We are C-CLOWN. Thank you, goodbye! Goodbye!

Source: Photo/Interview: Sina, Video: Meeeeein


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