Chanyeol To Lend His Voice For OST Of ‘So I Married an Anti-fan’

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We can’t wait to hear Chanyeol’s sweet voice in the OST of his upcoming film!


EXO‘s Chanyeol will sing the soundtrack titled I hate you in his upcoming Chinese movie, So I Married An Anti-fan.

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In the movie, the singer takes on the role of a popular star at an entertainment company, who has a girlfriend (played by Girls’ Generation‘s Seohyun). His character often gets into trouble with a magazine reporter, who is also an anti-fan of him. However, the two fall in love later on.

The heartthrob will perform the song with the film’s female lead, Chinese actress Yuan Shan Shan.

So I Married an Anti-fan is scheduled to premiere on July 30.

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