Cherry Bullet’s Bora Confirmed With COVID-19

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Another K-pop idol has tested positive for COVID-19.

Bora from FNC Entertainment’s prized girl group Cherry Bullet has been diagnosed with COVID-19.

Just recently, the agency released an official statement about Bora’s positive result through Cherry Bullet’s official social media account.

The agency said, “Bora, who came in close with a COVID-19 confirmed patient during a lesson on January 28, took a PCR test and tested positive for the virus. As a preemptive response, Cherry Bullet and the staff members who accompanied them have undergone COVID-19 testing. Haeyoon, Jiwon, and Remi have tested negative, while Yuju, Chaerin, and May are waiting for their results.”

Currently, Bora has only been experiencing mild sore throat symptoms. Moreover, all of her group members are undergoing self-quarantine.

“We will do our best to manage infectious disease prevention and control by complying with COVID-19 guidelines, and we will continue to take measures according to the requests and guidelines of the disease control authorities authorities. Thank you,” the agency added.

Assuring fans about her health, Bora took to Weverse to post a message. “Lullet! You were surprised when you heard it right? I’m fine!!! I miss Lullet so much.. I’ll get better soon so I can meet Lullet soon! Don’t worry too much,” she wrote.

Meanwhile, fans should stay tuned as the agency will unveil the results of the rest of the members soon.

Get well soon, Bora!

Source and Photo Credits: FNC Entertainment