Chinese police reportedly arrest EXO’s bodyguard for hitting fans

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Numerous fan accounts on social media have said that Chinese authorities arrested EXO’s bodyguard yesterday after he pushed and assaulted fans for getting too close.

The incident happened at China’s Nanjing Airport on August 16.

EXO member Lay was captured in a video telling his bodyguards to stop pushing and assaulting fans.

There has been other accounts saying that EXO’s staff were being uncooperative and refused airport staff to check their luggage.

More details to come.

Community Discussion: Do you think it was the bodyguard’s fault, or was he just doing his job? 



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  1. Elizabeth

    August 25, 2014 at 4:39 am

    it’s not the first time SM’s bodyguards are criticized for hitting fans, there’s a lot of videos on youtube that clearly shows how 14-16 years old girls that weren’t doing anything hurtful are pushed or hit on the face. I’m glad this happened so they start to realize that there’s NO justification to hurt a teenager. Not even if it’s dangerous for the idols, their job is to protect them, not to hurt someone else.

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