Choo Sung Hoon On His Daughter Choo Sarang: “I Always Get Power For This Smile”

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Choo Sarang’s smile sure gives great energy to her father Choo Sung Hoon.

On December 25, MMA fighter Choo Sung Hoon shared a charming photo of Choo Sarang onto his personal Instagram, writing: “I always get power for this smile. Merry Christmas everyone.”

In the revealed picture, Choo Sarang strikes a playful pose while sticking her tongue out. She looks adorable in a polka dot-printed coat, with pinky woolen scarf, white beanie and eyeglasses.

Source: Choo Sung Hoon’s Instagram

Many fans left comments wishing a merry Christmas to the Choo family. Some were surprised as Sarang has grown so much since she first appeared on KBS2’s The Return of Superman.

In related news, the Choo family is currently participating in SBS’s Choovely’s Outing.

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