Chorong Apologizes For Apink’s Appearance Cancellation At “2017 MBC Gayo Daejun”

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Apink was unable to join the 2017 MBC Gayo Daejun because of Hayoung’s illness.

On December 31, Apink’s agency announced that the group would cancel its appearance at the 2017 MBC Gayo Daejun due to member Hayoung’s health reason (Influenza A virus). The disease in question is contagious and requires quarantine measures, so it would be hard to proceed with today’s planned schedule.

The remaining five members, except Hayoung, then held a small fan meeting to greet those who arrived to Apink’s pre-recording venue.

Leader Chorong later expressed her apology to fans via Apink’s SNS account, writing:

“I think our members and Pandas were really upset about the sudden cancellation today. It’s sad because we were preparing for our stage with joy in our hearts at the thought of greeting the New Year with our fans. We tried our best to stand on stage with just five members, but it seemingly didn’t really work out with the broadcasting company. We’re really sorry.”

But we gained so much strength from our Pandas who smiled brightly and told us it was okay. Hayoung will recover quickly so don’t worry too much about her, and we hope our Pandas will also take care of your health. Let’s have fun at our upcoming concerts where it will just be Apink and our Pandas. Thank you for everything this year!”

In related news, Apink is set to hold its fourth concert titled PINK SPACE 2018 on January 12-13 at SK Olympic Hanball Stadium in Bangi-dong, Seoul

We hope Hayoung has a speedy recovery!

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