CIX Celebrates 100th Day Since Debut With Sweet Messages And Fandom Name Announcement

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It has officially been 100 days since idols/movie stars CIX debuted!

CIX has marked the 100th day since their debut with sweet messages to fans – plus a huge announcement – as a celebration of the special milestone this October 30!


On the midnight of their debut date’s first 100th-day mark, the power rookie boy group sent their fans rejoicing by finally revealing the official name for the fandom. In line with their name CIX, the quintet will officially be referring to their fans as FIX, which stands for “Faith in X” in English and “Faith In Complete In X” in the Korean text they provided.

Leader BX also started a series of sweet messages from each member celebrating their milestone by addressing their fans through their name for the very first time. “Our FIXs, we promise to stay with you for 10000000 days! Let’s create more good memories from now on!” he encouraged.

Meanwhile, Seung Hun greeted everyone by saying, “It’s not “my sides” that we call you now but FIXs! I’ve loved you for 100 days and I’ll love you more in the future.”

Yong Hee also shared his heartwarming message while adding in his goal as they move forward. “FIXs!! How about we fix each other’s heart? I’m always on everyone’s heart so I’ll make you guys happy. I love you,” he said.

“Everyone, finally you got a name!! The name is FIX. Faith in X! I’m glad and happy that we spent those 100 days well together! FIX everyone, please FIX me. I love you,” Bae Jin Young wrote, finding a way to make his message sweet and funny at the same time through various puns and teasing.

Lastly, maknae Hyun Suk shared his promise by saying, “Thank you so much for being with me for 100 days, everyone. I was happy for the past 100 days and I will keep loving you!”


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Source: C9 Entertainment