CJ ENM & BigHit’s K-Pop Show “I-LAND” To Take Off In June + Nam Goong Min To Be The Host

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CJ ENM and BigHit are set to launch a new reality show, I-LAND that will give birth to new generation K-Pop idols.

I-LAND, a new survival reality show, raises lots of anticipations among K-Pop fans since its announcement. One of the primary reasons is because this show is a joint project by CJ ENM and BigHit Entertainment, which is the label of BTS, the most popular boy group in the world.


Photos from Mnet

CJ ENM announced that the show will go on air in June. The reality show will cover the  journey of K-Pop trainees from their training as they work together to their debut.

Belift Labs Debut Project

This is the first project under Belift Labs Incorporations. Belift Labs is a joint venture between Mnet and Big Hit Entertainment that was established in March last year with the purpose of unveiling a new K-Pop group.

The reality show will incorporate Mnet’s expertise in content production and BigHit’s music creation experience as they showcase the process of how the K-Pop idol aspirants compete and work together.

Preparations for the show is already of a big scale as Mnet has built a massive arena exclusively for shooting the program. A teaser video for I-LAND was also unveiled through the official SNS channels. In the teaser video, graphic images of giant eggs appear raising curiosity about the program.

Extraordinary Emcee

Further, on May 11, CJ ENM announced that actor, Nam Goong Min will be hosting the show. The actor will play the part of a storyteller in I-LAND. Through this role, he will reveal the show’s universe to the viewers and help them understand the things going on in the show.

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I-LAND is scheduled to broadcast via Mnet in June. However, the exact date of the first episode broadcast has not been revealed yet.

Source: Yonhap News, Korea Times

Image Credit: Mnet, 935 Entertainment