CL On 2NE1’s Last Track: “The Words Are What I Wanted To Say To Minzy”

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As the older sister, CL is always worried about Minzy.

Leader of disbanded group 2NE1 CL recently made her appearance on the latest episode of tvN’s program titled Livin, the Double Life.

During the program, the idol shared her feelings about 2NE1’s disbandment, then subsequently got emotional when mentioned about the youngest member Minzy.


CL said: “I actually wrote the lyrics for ‘Goodbye’ in 10 minutes. The song was for fans as well, but honestly speaking, the words were what I wanted to say to Minzy.”

She further added, showing support to her beloved former bandmate: “I thought at the time, ‘How hard it would be for her?’ And now, I hope she is happy and I support her. And if she’s going to be on her own, I hope she could show what she got.”

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