CNBLUE Lee JungShin’s manner legs

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CNBLUE member Lee JungShin‘s manner legs have been caught on photo.

A staff member at the filming set was helping Lee JungShin with makeup and hair and he showed his manners by lowering his height so it would be easier for the stylist.

The photoshoot for this day was for the chic and manly feeling of Lee JungShin, with the acting skills that he learned through the drama he was a part of, he was able to pose more comfortably for the photoshoot. Growing out of his previous image, Lee JungShin has shown a new side of him as an actor in the fashion magazine Marie Claire for the upcoming December edition.

Lee Jungshin plays Kang Sungjae as part of KBS weekend drama series, My Daughter, Seoyoung. He plays the ideal nation’s little brother with a lot of aegyo and is receiving a lot of love for the character.

Source: (News+Photos)-The Star

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