CNBLUE Present Their Chinese “Cinderella”

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As previously reported, CNBLUE will lend their voices to a Chinese-Korean movie, titled The Bad Man Must Die.

CNBLUE attended the Chinese theme song MV press conference in Beijing alongside main casts Chen Bolin, Son Yejin and Qiao Zhenyu. It is the first time for CNBLUE to sing for a Chinese movie, along with music video of the Chinese version of Cinderella released at the press conference.

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The band also performed the Korean version of Cinderella on the spot. Initially, the host and audiences requested CNBLUE to perform the songs live, but CNBLUE seemed unwillingly to give in to the request. Chen Bolin then tried to convince them as well, saying: “Since you are here already, I will give you four free movie tickets.” At which, Yonghwa kindly replied: “Although I am your fan, I like (admire) you, but our band can’t perform without any pre-preparation, if you want to listen, I can call you and sing for you.” At this, Son Ye Jin whined cutely, “I am your fan.” Yonghwa immediately gave in and performed the song for the audience.

Watch CNBLUE singing in Chinese here.

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