CNBLUE’s song shows up on American news

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The song, Have a Good Night, composed by the leader of CNBLUEJung YongHwa, recently showed up on the American news.

It was shown on October 23 (local time) during WPSD Local 6 and it appeared during the talk about morning coffee. WPSD Local is a famous channel that broadcasts in a lot of places in the United States such as: Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, Tennessee, Arkansas. Moreover, in August, this channel  showed Jung YongHwa once again, that time talking about his song One Time.

The subtitle on the screen showed ‘Have a Good Night – CNBLUE’ and the news anchor presented it as “The song that just flew about, CNBlue’s song, Have a Good Night”

According to CNBLUE’s agency, FNC Entertainment, the song was chosen as a background music because of the lyrics and the beat that was just related to the coffee contents. The lyrics are, “espresso double double shots. I, I will not sleep tonight. Tomorrow is a holiday. Espresso double double shots. I think I will stop to drink. ”

Have a Good Night was released on October 29 as part of the first Japanese album, Code Name Blue, featuring writing and composition by Jung YongHwa. Only in the first week, 44,000 copies were sold and the album was the #1 on the Oricon Chart.


Souce: photo&news: MyDaily

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