Concert Review: SMTOWN Live World Tour III in Singapore!

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Lights, cameras, actions, smoke, stage sparks, water fountain displays, fireworks, 50 fantastic songs, hot stars and screaming fans.

If you ask me to paint a picture of the SMTOWN Live World Tour III in Singapore, that’s exactly what will be in it. Also, it was the first time SMTOWN was staged in Singapore, and it was at The Float @ Marina Bay (also known as Marina Bay Floating Platform), where Singapore’s National Day Ceremonies and the 2010 Summer Youth Olympics have been previously held.

The 120 metre long and 83 metre wide floating platform is the world’s largest floating stage. What’s also impressive is the number of hours it took to build the stage – a total of 96 hours with 100 to 200 crew members. 

Running Into the Sun, the concert’s official event organiser also did a commendable job organizing the event, which saw more than 24,000 fans attending the concert and dedicated fans queuing for the concert a week before the concert.

Singapore K-pop fans queue one week in advance for SMTOWN Concert, would you?

Hailed as the biggest K-pop concert ever held in Singapore, the concert comes with a hefty price tag of more than $5 million SGD ($4.1 million USD). Fans were able to busk in awe as popular bands such as f(x), Kangta, Super Junior, Super Junior-M, Girls’ Generation, EXO, SHINee, TVXQ and BoA performed together on the same stage for the first time.

A total of 50 songs were performed on stage. Some performances included of their most popular songs, like BOA’s Hurricane Venus and No.1, f(x)’s Hot Summer, Danger and Electric Shock, Kangta’s Pine Tree & Polaris (song mix), Girls’ Generation’s Gee, The Boys and Genie, Super Junior’s Superman, Bonamana, SHINee’s Ring Ding Dong and Sherlock, TVXQ’s Mirotic and Rising Sun, EXO’s History and MAMA, as well as Super Junior-M, who sang Perfection 太完美, to fans.

The stars also picked some English numbers for the crowd, like popular English pop tunes; Katy Perry’s California Girls, Bruno MarsJust the way you are, and more. To cater to Singapore’s multi-racial population mix, they also performed some songs in half-Mandarin and half-Korean. English subtitles were also shown on the screens for some songs, so that fans who could not understand Korean would also be able to understand the songs better.

One highlight of the night was when Eun Hyuk, a member of Super Junior, who shared that Lee Teuk, Super Junior’s leader, was not able to come for the concert as he recently entered South Korea’s Military Service to serve his country. As funny as always, Eun Hyuk jokingly shared that he was Super Junior’s new leader, and how they thought of that. His question was countered by screaming approvals and he gained much laughter from the crowd. Another highlight was that Eun Hyuk also mentioned how Koreans, when speaking in English, are actually speaking Konglish. For Singapore, the country is famous for its Singlish, and Eun Hyuk attempted in greeting the crowd with Singlish, sharing that ”he misses and loves ‘Singapore la’.” Fans were overjoyed and resumed their screaming support for the band.

The concert, which is presented by Samsung, OCBC Cards and travel parter Konsortium, saw a raging success last night where the fans all had great fun despite the rain, which graced the roaring crowd during the last half an hour of the concert. Fans whooped out their ponchos, some umbrellas, and continued to support the stars as the performance went on in the rain.

We give it to the stars for their dedication and professionalism as they still maintained their composure and put up a fabulous performance even as it rained on their parade. What’s most spectacular was the final song, where they sang SMTOWN’s Hope, which then more than 40 stars held hands and sang together for their closing act.

Kudos to them for also putting up the English subtitles for this song, as fans were really touched as they sing ‘join our hands together and look at the sky. Picture the world we will be making together in the sky…’

This magical moment, fireworks shoot into the sky, wowing all its spectators. It was truly a beautiful picture that they created in the skies of Singapore last night.

While fans may be more than SGD$200 poorer in their pockets, we know now for sure they are richer in their hearts, as they have fulfilled their dreams of seeing their favourite K-pop bands sing, dance, perform, and shine in front of their very eyes, under the beautiful skyline of Marina Bay Sands. It was a great majestic concert, and worth every cent of the ticket price.

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Browse below for more photos of the concert:

Picture Credits (without hellokpop’s watermark): Running Into the Sun, official event organiser for SMTOWN Live World Tour III in Singapore

Picture credits by Kenny @ hellokpop

Event covered by Janel Ku @ hellokpop



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