Crayon Pop to Perform for a Campaign in Thailand

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Crayon Pop is set to perform for the first time in Thailand on the 23rd of November, 2014 as part of an event to launch ‘The 7% Project’ – a nationwide campaign to increase motorcycle helmet use and save children’s lives by the Asian Injury Prevention Foundation (AIP) and Save the Children.

The girls from Crayon Pop expressed that they are very excited to be visiting Thailand to support a good cause in the greeting video, as they say: ‘“We are very excited to be coming to Thailand and to support such a great cause and we would like to invite everyone to come see us perform. Don’t forget to come wearing your helmets like us.”

Event Details:

Campaign Hashtag: #helmetpop
Venue: Bangkok Art and Culture Center
Date: the 23rd of November 2014

About ‘The 7% Project’ campaign

Each day a majority of Thailand’s 18 million children travels as passengers on motorcycles, but only 7% wear helmets – even though it is the law.

According to the World Health Organization, Thailand has the 2nd deadliest roads in the world. Traffic collisions kill over 2,600 children yearly; more than 7 children every day. Another 200 children are injured or disabled every day – 72,680 per year.

The Asia Injury Prevention Foundation and Save the Children in Thailand are launching a nationwide campaign – The 7% Project – to decrease motorcycle death and injury among Thai children by increasing helmet use. Working together with teachers, parents and children, in its first year the campaign aims to create an integrated grass roots- and mass media programme to mobilize decision makers to feature motorcycle helmets as a permanent part of the school uniform.

As the campaign matures, the 7% project will expand beyond schools to include all destinations in a child’s daily commute ensuring that by 2017 more than 60% of children will be wearing helmets every time they travel as a passenger on a motorcycle.

Source: Press Release via [email protected]

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