Creating Better Photos And Videos For Your Next Korea Trip: A Complete Guide

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Korea is truly wonderful all year round. Regardless of when you go, the tint country has enough in it to leave you spellbound and hungry for more.

From a deep wealth of history to a wide variety of food, the country has a lot to offer to everyone who crosses its borders. As a tourist, you will want to take many photos and videos of your stay, but there’s more to it than pointing and clicking.

When making a travel video, you should keep a few basic things in mind if you plan on shooting things for the benefit of friends and family members as well. To show them the best of Korea, you will have to master a few basic techniques. Of course, how to add background music to a video clip is outside the scope of this article, but we will be showing you a few tips and tricks you can apply without any trouble.

With that said, let’s get started!

1.  Study What Other People Do

If you are serious about doing something, you must make a point to study what other people do. This is true regardless of what it is you want to do. To make a good travel video, you will have to consume a lot of travel videos. Luckily for you, they are in abundance! There are tons of travel bloggers and vloggers whose content is just that: travel videos.

You will be able to see how they frame their shots, how they make use of lighting, what kind of B-roll they shoot, and what video editing techniques they use. Watch documentaries, too. National Geographic and Vimeo Travel are great places to find lots of high-quality material. Find out what works, what’s good, and what you like, and do just that.

2.  Practice What You Prefer – And Fix Your Camera Settings

After you’ve decided upon the style of video you want to make, it’s best if you get some reps in. practice shooting your video while you’re home. Get used to using your chosen video software, whether Magisto or CyberLink, as well as the camera itself. Your settings are your friends, and it is best advised that you learn how to work all the options at your disposal.

It is best to get a fix on your camera setting well before you fly off to Korea. It will be a huge hassle to figure out what settings to use while on the go. It will waste a lot of time and energy while you’re rushing from place to place, and especially afterward when you’re doing post-production. Instead, find what works and stick to it for the whole trip.

3.  Pick Your Times For Shooting

Remember, the main reason you are in Korea is to have an actual vacation instead of a virtual one. If you spend all your time looking for the right photo or video, then your whole trip will pass you by before you can even blink. This is why you need to set aside particular times to go looking for photos and videos so that you can spend the rest of the time taking in the many sights that Korea has to offer.

Usually, the best time to take your videos is when natural light is at its most magnificent. That means early morning or during sunset. This works spectacularly because then you have the whole day to get your touristy things done! Good video editing software like VideoStudio can do a lot to make up for mistimed shots, but there is nothing like getting the right shot at the right time. Makes things much easier in post-production.

4.  Make It About The Country

While it is true that you are the ones doing the shooting, and it is your holiday, try not to make it about yourself. In trying to make a film, you have to treat yourself like an artist. It is a sin for a cameraperson to become the subject of their films, and you shouldn’t do this, either. You are in an exotic, foreign country, and there is a lot to see and enjoy. Focus on that, instead.

If you’re going to Korea because you’re a fan of K-dramas, visit the locations and do some shooting there. Shoot the scenery, the architecture, the food, things that you know you’ll want to look back upon and get to show other people. You can have tons of parties, and of course, you can shoot those as well, but don’t use that footage for the film. Make your video about the country.

5.  It’s All About The Connection

During your travels, you will take a lot of clips. The hard part will be to connect them in a meaningful fashion so that they flow seamlessly and make sense. That’s the biggest challenge of post-production, and it can be solved if you prepare a roadmap beforehand of the kinds of clips and shots you might need and want.

You don’t need to prepare a detailed script to achieve this. Just keep transitions in mind when you shoot, and try to line them up as closely as possible from one jump to another. As long as it flows and makes sense, that’s all that matters. Watch the clips you already have and formulate how you can use them before you get to post-production.


Filming a travel video is not an easy task. It can be fun, frustrating, and very rewarding, but it’s a long way to the top, especially if you want to rock and roll. However, with some planning and a lot of practice, you can make a travel video worthy of standing the test of time and remind you, years later, of the wonderful time you had in Korea.

Follow the tips and tricks presented in this article, but don’t forget to experiment and develop things that work for you and you alone. And most importantly, have fun!


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