Cross Gene to Change Official Fanclub Name

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Multinational idol-group Cross Gene sent fans into an excited flurry with the announcement of their fanclub’s official name, Destiny, on February 16. However, the fanclub name was revealed to be revoked on  the same day, disappointing many fans who have been waiting for the past few years for it.

A notice on Cross Gene’s website explains that Destiny was selected as they wished for the fans to fill in the spot of ‘Destiny Gene’, should the group have a seventh member. However, due to a pre-existing fanclub name that is similar to Destiny, the group’s agency decided to revoke it as it could be misleading and may cause ‘controversy over the rights’.

The notice also expressed their apologies over the incident and revealed that the official fanclub name will be revealed once it is changed.

Fans also noted that Destiny reminded them of Cross Gene’s former member, J.G, whose title in the group was ‘Destiny Gene’.

Cross Gene fans, what do you think should be the group’s official fanclub name?

(Editing by Timea Baksa)

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