CROSS GENE’s Members To Celebrate Birthdays In Japan

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The more people celebrate birthday with, the merrier it is! Two members of CROSS GENE will be celebrating their big days with fans in Japan.

Shin held his birthday party last November, and now members Yongseok and Seyoung will have their own parties as well.

Although Yongseok and Seyoung’s birthday is on January 8 and February 8 respectively, they both decided to celebrate their special days on the same day (February 11), but at two different times.

  • Yongseok’s
    Date: 11 February
    Doors open: 14:30 – Show starts: 15:00
  • Seyoung’s
    Date: 11 February
    Doors open: 18:00 – Show starts: 18:30

Happy birthday to Yongseok and Seyoung!

(Editing by Yoon Ha)

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