Crush Temporarily Halts Activities Due to Health Issues

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Get well soon, Crush!

On June 20th, P-Nation, announced that the singer would be taking a break from activities due to worsening health.

Crush recently experienced a rapid decline in his disc condition and underwent a thorough hospital examination. Medical professionals have determined that lumbar disc surgery is necessary.

Following this diagnosis, Crush will cancel his scheduled activities to focus on recovery and treatment in the hospital post-surgery. P-Nation emphasized their commitment to prioritizing Crush’s health and ensuring he returns to his fans in good health.

Crush recently appeared on the JTBC show Mom, Do You Want to Go on a Trip Alone? (LT) and released his fourth OST, “Trip.”

Here is the full statement from P-Nation:

Hello, this is P-Nation.

We would like to inform you about the health status and future plans of our artist, Crush.

Recently, Crush’s disc condition worsened rapidly, leading to a thorough hospital examination. The medical team concluded that lumbar disc surgery is essential.

Based on the medical findings, Crush will temporarily suspend all scheduled activities to focus on recovery and receive treatment at the hospital following surgery.

Our company prioritizes the health of our artists above all and will do everything to ensure Crush can return to his fans in good health. We thank all the fans for their continued support and love for Crush.