Jang Hyunseung On BEAST’s Reformation: “This Is The First Time I Have Heard About This”

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The former BEAST member was not informed of the regrouping.

Beast will be reformed, according to an announcement by Cube Entertainment. The group will be a trio containing two new members and former member Jang Hyunseung. Unfortunately only employees at Cube knew of the new group as Hyunseung posted his reaction to the news on Instagram.

hyunseung Translation: What the hell? This is the first time I have heard about this since my birth.  It’s not cool for an artist to explain on IG but I can’t sit here and do nothing about it so…

Hyunseung has stated he found out about the trio from the news article. He later deleted the Instagram post.

Around US Entertainment has also expressed shock and confusion at Cube’s decision. On February 10th it was reported by Around US that they just found out about the news regarding the new plans for Beast. Around US Entertainment also revealed they were in talks with Cube regarding copyright to the name ‘Beast’ up until February 9.

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