Cube Artists greet fans in their hanbok

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Cube Entertainment‘s G.Na, Noh Ji Hoon (Birth of a Great Star contestant) and BTOB sent their greeting message to fans in celebration of Korean Thanksgiving day. They were all dressed in traditional Korean clothing called hanbok.

Here’s the translation of their messages:

G.Na: “Hello, this is Yes, I really hope that you will enjoy your time this Chuseok with your families. I want to spend this Chuseok with my family too.”

Noh Ji Hoon: “Hello,this is Ji Hoon. Chuseok is finally here. I hope you eat lots of good food and have a fun time with your families. Also I hope you are able to talk with each other a lot. Have an enjoyable Chuseok.”

BTOB: “Hello, this is BTOB. Yes, one of our nation’s biggest holiday, Chuseok, has returned! I’m sure you will meet your families and will be having a good time with them. There’s something you must not forget to do. What does Chuseok remind you of? WOW!! Yes that’s right, we hope you will listen to our song WOW. And for Chuseok special episode our member was able to go out for Korean wrestling ‘ssireum’. I went out for ssireum competition on Idol Ssireum Competition, I tried my best so please watch it with your families. Eat a lot of good food and make pretty songpyuns (korean rice cakes eaten on Chuseok) Hoping that you will have an enjoyable and have lots of good food from Born to Beat.”

It’s good to see artists sending their thoughtful messages to fans on this occasion, right? Check out the video below!

[vsw id=”WazRcT4ku9o” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Source: Images – cubeent (2); Video – theunitedcube; Translation – [email protected]

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