DAILY RECAP: G-Dragon announces BIGBANG comeback

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G Dragon has announced that BIGBANG will be coming back early next year. It’s been a long time since the last comeback for BIGBANG since 2011.

GD revealed that they are working really hard to show VIP’s their best, which was is why the group has been postponing their comeback.

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun has announced a Chinese version of his solo song “At Gwanghwamun”, which was released on November 13.

Yesterday morning SM Entertainment uploaded a short video on YouTube where Kyuhyun is explaining the details for the Chinese version of his song.

In the video, Kyuhyun announced that the Chinese version will be released on November 26 and wish his fans to pay attention to it.

The making film for G Dragon and Taeyangs’ new song “Good Boy” was released on November 24.

The director for the MV, Collin Tilley explains the concept for the music video is being energetic and having fun.

Tiny-G’s sub-unit Tiny-G M released their Thai MV, “The Only One” on November 24. Tiny-G member Mint and J Min formed a sub-unit and featuring Thai Artist Natthew in their song “The Only One”.

Dohee, the other Tiny-G member also appear in the music video as well! It is really special for Korean group to record their single in Thai, check out the video here.

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