DAILY RECAP: Lovelyz debut; YG teaser; FT Island Tour; Jongki In Sydney

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Another day another rookie band launched somewhere in Asia destined for big things, or.. not.  Let us entertain you with today’s Hellokpop Express News Update, powered by Asian Pop Radio Australia.

Woolim Entertainment have unvield their new girl group Lovelyz. The 8 girls are set to debut in their first showcase on November 12th with their album release on the 17th. The member’s names are Baby Soul, Yoo Ji Ae, Jin, Lee Mi Joo, Seo Ji Soo, Kay, Ryu Soo Jung, and Jung Ye In. Their release date of November 17th will coincide with the comeback of A-Pink who will be releasing their track on the same day.

Woollim Entertainment Debut 'Lovelyz' via their official Facebook page

Woollim Entertainment Debut ‘Lovelyz’ via their official Facebook page


YG Entertainment have been teasing fans, just for something different, with mysterious pictures for Who Is Next. It was revealed in the last 24 hours that Lee Hi is to be one of the members. Fans are anticipating hearing the little girl with the big voice, who has been quiet this year, and she is rumored to be teaming up possibly with Minzy from 2NE1 or possibly Akdong Music.


“Who’s Next?” Teaser Image #4. Photo: YG Entertainment


Jongki and the guys from FT Island, have confirmed dates for their upcoming European tour and Latin America Tour in January. Thanks to the dedication of their South American fans, Primadonnas in Chile, Brazil & Mexico. The large South American fan base for the group was found to be 30% after an online fan signing event for international fans in December last year.

Photo: FT ISLAND Official Facebook

Photo: FT ISLAND Official Facebook



CN Blue fans (Boice) have been playing Where’s Jonghwa? in Sydney this week. The Three Musketeers star has been spotted in Sydney’s Chinatown relaxing after filming a CF on Aussie shores. He was spotted filming around ‘The Rocks’ for a credit card company and fans have commented how happy looked to be back in Australia. This means the CN Blue band member has made his way  to Sydney back to back years in 2013 when they toured for their Blue Moon tour and now again in 2014.

Photo: CNBLUE official Facebook

Photo: CNBLUE official Facebook



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Written by Asian Pop Radio crew member Cassandra Breadsell, voiced by J-Jon.


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