Daily Recap: MAMA Awards; Wu Yi Fan wax sculpture; YG Project 2 MV

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Hello and welcome to Hellokpop express news update, powered by Asian Pop Radio Australia.I’m Erica.

MAMA Music awards finally has come to an end. Besides having different artist and groups winning prizes, the performances are actually the spotlight for fans. One of the best performances will have to be BTS’s performance stage with Block B, where Jimin tear his clothes and show his abs to the audience. Lots of fans screams. GD and Taeyang also performed their song “Good Boy” for the first time in MAMA.

Ex-EXO-M Member, Kris, Wu Yi Fan, is going to have a wax sculpture in Madame Tussauds in Shanghai.  Madame Tussands staff flew from UK to China to make molds for his sculpture. Wu Yi Fan is the youngest celebrity to have a wax sculpture in Madame Tussauds. The sculpture will finish in two months and is going to release in mid-2015.

YG Entertainment second project was released on 2nd December with Bobby from ikon, Master Wu and Dok2. In the music video, the three of them show off their amazing rapping skills. Check out their music video from here.

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