DANITYs Donate In Behalf Of Kang Daniel To Busan Community Chest of Korea Ahead Of His Birthday

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DANITY had truly learned how to have a heart of gold from Kang Daniel.

Fans of Kang Daniel had donated to the Busan Community Chest of Korea on his behalf as an advanced celebration of his birthday this coming December 10!

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Proving that fandoms are truly reflections of their idols, DANITYs made such a meaningful move following the multi-talented idol’s good influence by donating to the Busan Community Chest Of Korea!

Amounting to a total of 2,904,000 won, the donations from the group of fans named Team Avengers will be spreading kindness as it becomes used by the organization to provide and support fuel costs for low-income families in Yeongdo, which serves as the hometown to Kang Daniel.

All in all, the amount collected by DANITYs as part of the idol’s upcoming birthday celebration has come equivalent to 2,420 briquettes which will help a lot especially this cold winter season.

“In commemoration of Kang Daniel’s birthday, we decided to make a donation in the hope of joining and helping in creating a warm community as influenced by Kang Daniel’s good heart, which usually practices sharing,” the donation’s background from fans stated.

With Daniel’s hometown in mind, the donations were made to Busan Community Chest of Korea as a chapter of the Korean nonprofit organization which serves as the only government-sanctioned charity in Korea. It is also Korea’s largest welfare institution and has been recognized for its various major annual fundraisers.

Since the multi-talented idol made his debut, his fans had been known for making generous donations under his name – just like how Daniel himself does too. In fact, just last April, he was among the celebrities who stepped up to help in relief and restoration efforts for those affected by the massive wildfire in Gangwon through charity donations.

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Source: Newsen

Photo from Yonhap News

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