DAWN Reinterprets Lee Jang Hee’s Track “That’s You”

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DAWN casts light on his fresh rendition of Lee Jang Hee’s “그간 너 (That’s You)”

Singer-songwriter DAWN reprised an old classic track by Lee Jang Hee titled “그건 너(That’s You),” that was released as part of the SBS E-NEWS EXCLUSIVE – OLD & NEW OST project.

A teaser announcing DAWN’s participation in the project was released on P Nation’s SNS which also gave a small peek of the song as well.

DAWN added an offbeat spin to the original track which gave the song a rather dynamic character to it. The modern version has a different feel to it as compared to the original that reflects DAWN’s originality as an artist. The track is produced so as to appeal to audiences from every generation.

Although Lee Jang Hee’s “그건 너(That’s You),” was released in 1973, DAWN reinterpreted it, retaining the song’s sophisticated style whilst also giving the track his own authentic interpretation with his powerful rap verses.

DAWN has established himself an an artist to look out for with his successful solo activities as well as his first digital single “MONEY,” that was both, written and composed by him and was appreciated widely by fans globally. 

DAWN’s version of “그건 너 (That’s You),” is available and released on various online music sites on April 29, 6 PM KST. The track is a testament to DAWN’s musical prowess as it merges the old with the new in a very balanced and harmonious manner. 

A short choreography version of the track featuring DAWN was also released on P NATION’s YouTube channel.

The short clip showed off DAWN’s exceptional dance skills in then finest way! 

Source: Sports Donga