DAY6 Confirms Their Scheduled May Comeback Date

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DAY6 prepares to make their gravitating return with new high quality songs soon.

On April 20, JYP Entertainment confirmed that DAY6 will release their new songs on May 11 and are currently in preparations for the comeback.


DAY6 will be making a return after seven months since the release of their fourth regular album, The Book of Us: Entropy and title track “Sweet Chaos” on October 2019. Consisting of a wide variety of tracks created by the members themselves, the album received a lot of love from the listeners.

Jae, the band’s vocalist and electric guitarist, also posted about their album on his Twitter account, raising expectations for the comeback.

Every time DAY6 releases new music, the expectations goes higher as they are a group well-loved for their music and known for adding unique color to their songs.

Making their debut in 2015, DAY6 became the first boy band under JYP Entertainment. Known for having more active role in their creative process, the group has been writing and composing their own songs since debut.


Setting foot in 2020, the members of DAY6 have been indulging themselves in a lot of their personal projects. Jae seems to be the busiest of the lot with his eaJ project through which he is releasing his solo songs.

Young K is equally busy as well releasing new song covers every month through his Young One series. Wonpil too released a song cover recently while Dowoon regularly posts his drum covers in his social media accounts.

Additionally, DAY6 members also appeared on Naver NOW’s radio show, Social Club Day where they had fun-filled conversations.

Meanwhile, DAY6 will drop their highly awaited music in May 11.

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Image Credit: JYP Entertainment