Day6 Receives First-Ever Music Show Win + My Days Send Emotional Congratulatory Messages

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July 24, 2019 now marks a very special day for Day6 and My Days!

Day6 has received their first-ever music show win through the July 24 episode of Show Champion!

Four years after they debuted as a band, Sungjin, Jae, Young K, Wonpil, and Dowoon could finally hold a music show trophy in their hands thanks to their latest title track “Time Of Our Life”.

During their acceptance of the music show trophy, the boys delivered heartwarming ments which made everyone even more emotional.

“We didn’t know that we’d win first place on a music show someday, so thank you for placing us at number one on Show Champion. We believe that we were able to go from small concert halls to where we are right now all thanks to My Days,” Wonpil said.

“Even for our broadcast show promotions, thank you for singing along and enjoying them as if we were holding a concert,” he also added.

“We will continue to work harder to show you a better side of us and become a Day6 who brings you better music,” Sungjin also pitched in.

“Without My Days, Day6 wouldn’t exist,” Jae said as well – which will forever be etched into fans’ happy hearts.

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With this, My Days from all over the world had expressed how proud and happy they were to see the group finally take home their hard-earned victory. The hashtag #Day61stWin immediately took off to the top trending spot on Twitter worldwide.

Photos from Show Champion