DAY6 Encourages Everyone To “Eat Organic Food” In Fun Teaser For New Campaign Song

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Dance6 returns as DAY6 uses their voices and music to encourage everyone to choose organic food!

With the encouragement from DAY6 through the recently-revealed teaser for their upcoming campaign song, we are surely incorporating organic food to our diets and lifestyles from here forward.


Marking a new and interesting project, the band will be providing the rhythm and using their voices for a brand new song promoting organic food and farming this 2020.

“DAY6 sang this song hoping more people would eat organic food and protect their health and the Earth. Let’s celebrate Organic Day together on June 2, and please participate!” the organization 지구를 지키는 팜어쓰, which runs the campaign, shared.

The full version of DAY6’s organic food campaign song will be released on June 2, which marks Organic Day. Raising anticipation for it, a fun studio recording and dance guide video has been posted. Despite its short length of 40 seconds, the teaser clip made fans smile as it showed the quintet busting out dance moves once again, marking the return of “Dance6”.

With the release of the dance guide video, fans are also encouraged to join the band by recreating the moves to the song and participating in its dance challenge. Check out more details about the dance challenge here.

The group also had a short interview to share how they sang this song with the hopes that more people would eat organic food and protect their health and the Earth.

Source: JYP Entertainment

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