DAY6 Takes Top Spots On Multiple Music Charts With “Zombie”

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DAY6 scored their best performance ever in the music charts with their latest release, The Book Of Us: The Demon.

DAY6 released their new album, The Book of Us: The Demon on May 11 at 6PM KST across all music sites. This is the third installment of The Book Of Us series after The Book of Us: Gravity and The Book of Us: Entropy.


Making a return with new music after seven months, DAY6’s new album is hitting high records. The title track, “Zombie” debuted at the 8th spot on the real-time chart of the nation’s largest music site, MelOn, and rose by two steps at 8PM KST ranking 6th.

This is DAY6’s best chart debut as well as the best ranking achieved overall. Compared to the 41st chart debut rank of the last album title song “Sweet Chaos”, the chart debut rank has risen by 33 steps, which is a demonstration that DAY6 has gained more music fans.

“Zombie” also went up to No. 1 spot after debuting No. 2 in Bugs. This achievement is quite significant because there are many strong music leaders competing in the charts.

Asides from the title track, the side tracks too received a lot of love. In MelOn charts, “Day and Night” debuted at 21st, “Love me or Leave me” 23rd, “Tick Tock” 33rd, “STOP” 45th, “Afraid” 46th, “1 to 10” 50th, and “Zombie” English version was ranked 81st.

Among the side tracks, “Love me or Leave me” is the most popular, ranking 3rd in Bugs, 10th in Genie, and 15th in the Melon charts even three hours after its release.

As of 9 AM KST, on May 12th, “Zombie” was charting at 9th spot in real-time charts while on Genie Music and Bugs, the song took the top spot. Additionally, the song was ranked 3rd in Naver Music, 20th in Flo and 54th in Soribada.

“Zombie” is a unique song created by adding DAY6’s color to hip-hop elements. The song expresses how daily monotonous life causes a person to lose feelings and act like a ‘zombie’.

Source: Ilgan Sports, Newsen

Image Credit: JYP Entertainment