DKB Draws Attention With March Comeback Date

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Boy group DKB will be making its exciting comeback this March!

Truly exhilarating news made their way to K-pop fans regarding the rookies DKB. The boys will be making their return with new music at the end of March, five months after their last comeback.


At midnight on March 12, Brave Entertainment drew attention by sharing a teaser image heralding the group’s upcoming release. The black-and-white photo included the members sitting down in a line, raising the curiosity about the new concept.

DKB celebrated its one year debut anniversary this February. During the time since their debut, the boys presented various music genres for fans to enjoy, showcasing their own diversity as artists.

Due to their non-repeated choice of sound, the excitement for this comeback is already growing and raising the questions about what type of songs will we be able to hear this time.

The group already has three mini-albums behind them. The rookies managed to take fans’ interest since their debut title track “Sorry Mama” and continued to gain support from global K-pop lovers with their next unveiled works.

The group also kept entertaining by sharing various content in the form of videos. Those included covers or dance clips, uploaded on the official social channels.

Meanwhile, additional details, such as the type and name of the new album, are yet to be revealed. Fans are looking forward to the next teasers that await them in the coming days.

DKB is planning to make its comeback on March 30. This might be the perfect time to look back at their past tracks and be reminded of the boys’ growing talent.

Source and Image credit: Brave Entertainment